Study: Running “May preserve thinking skills”

Source: BBC News Aerobic exercise in your 20s may protect the brain in middle age, according to a US study. Activities that maintain cardio fitness – such as running, swimming and cycling – led to better thinking skills and memory 20 years on. Scientists say...

Ten percent of Americans over 40 have a sleep disorder.
80% of them do not know it.

By McCamy Taylor In the 19th century, people could see, smell, and taste that their water was clean. Then Louis Pasteur showed them what they could not see, smell or taste — microbes that caused disease. Once made aware of the danger, people were willing to invest in...

Featured Video: A Tribute to Yoga and Healthy Bones

A Tribute to Yoga and Healthy Bones – The rad (short for radiological) folks at Hybrid Medical Animation have developed an incredibly neato way to see how our leg bones are connected to our hip bones, making it animatedly awesome...

Movement to Stretch & Flex Class for Seniors ONLY – Guttenberg, NJ

It is no surprise during the bitter cold weather that stretching and flexibility movements tend to be the most overlooked and neglected among active adults and seniors. However, there is nothing more important to keeping an aging body limber, pliable and injury free. Gina...

Weightlifting ‘cuts diabetes risk in women’

Source: BBC News Women who pump iron in the gym cut their risk of developing diabetes, say researchers. The findings come from a study that tracked the health of nearly 100,000 US nurses over a period of eight years. Lifting weights, doing press-ups or similar...

Rock Guitarist Joe Satriani: Strumming The Right Fitness Chords

By: James Fell, Sixpack Source: Los Angeles Your favorite guitar player wishes he could play like Joe Satriani. Those righteous riffs you hear when Metallica is on the radio? Satriani taught that band’s Kirk Hammett and many other metal greats, including...