Start Setting 2017 Wellness Goals

Source: GMN Health It’s important to make a decision, and, follow it with action. What’s the first step you can take to make this year the best yet? Develop habits of excellence. How? The experts recommend you start by setting goals. Decide what you want, and then take massive...

Keeping The Family Healthy During The Holidays

Source: Post Eagle Newspaper Family holiday customs include trimming trees, lighting candles, and making traditional foods and sweets we know and love. But, it is also a time of overindulgence. Today, with about one in three American kids and teens overweight or obese, it is more...

Paterson NJ: No pain, no progress in exercise ‘boot camp’

Source: North Some people recover from the Thanksgiving holiday by taking it easy, but not so for the 20 men and women who gathered at the Masonic Temple in Paterson on Saturday morning. The group plowed through squats, bicycle crunches, suicide sprints and jumping...

Soccer season: prime time for foot, ankle injuries

Source: GMN Health Soccer season is in full swing and a local foot and ankle surgeon strongly urges parents and coaches to think twice before coaxing young, injury-prone soccer players to “play through” foot and ankle pain. “Skeletally immature kids, starting and stopping and...

‘Fun’ birthday party in Stirling focused on health, wellness

Source: New Jersey LONG HILL TWP. – ShopRite of Stirling, 1153 Valley Road, hosted a first-ever Health and Wellness Festival on Saturday, Oct. 22 to celebrate the first anniversary of its Village Wellness Garden. Registered Dietitian Jessica Guarnieri, who organized the...

Rutgers, USDA, SNAP, Team Up for SNAP Ed 4

Source: New Jersey is a state characterized by both extreme wealth and poverty. As of March 2013, New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants totaled 864,255 living in 428,430 households. Estimates by the emergency feeding network...