Featured Video: Yoga Health Awareness

Yoga Health Awareness: Health Benefits Beginner’s Guide  Yoga Health Foundation · New Jersey Yoga Directory Sources: New York Post; Yoga Alliance; In 2008, the Department of Health and Human Services designated September as National Yoga Month....

Study ties good health to green spaces

Source: North Kamilah Russell of Paterson has been taking her young children to East Side Park  to engage in what she describes as a dying recreational ritual: They lay a blanket under a tree, unpack some food and have a picnic. A new study indicates that Russell is...

Head Lice Awareness

Head Lice Awareness: National Pediculosis Association ( Management/Prevention Tips · New Jersey · Order LiceMeister Comb This September, the National Pediculosis Association® (NPA) is kicking off its 21st annual Comb First! head lice prevention...

Prime Surgicare: Pokémon Go As Free Fitness Source

Source: Asbury Park Press There’s a video game app that requires kids to get off the couch — the new Pokémon Go game. The game, which runs on a free phone app, was released in early July. It has kids running, biking – even full-on running. Equally heartwarming, I actually...

Kardashian-Endorsed waist trainer company settles $5 million lawsuit

Source: Daily Mail UK The company that produces waist-training corsets has settled a $5 million lawsuit to dismiss claims of false advertising. The Waist Gang Society raked in customers after the Kardashian sisters flaunted their corsets – and shrinking midriffs – all...

Nutley Farmers Market to host fitness series

Source: North The Nutley Farmers Market is known for its local food, entertainment and events, such as special recycling days, Food Fests, Eco-Fests, and Civic and School Pride Days. The 2016 season kicks off Market Walk & Talk to help patrons get fit and informed...