Healthy Turkey Cooking Temperatures; Win a TV with a Blood Donation

Sources: U.S. Department of Argriculture, Community Blood Services Donate blood through Nov. 26th 2017 for your chance to be entered to win a 32” Smart HDTV! Click here to find a blood drive near you.

‘Tis the Season To Cook Healthy and Manage Stress

Source: Post Eagle Newspaper Family holiday customs include trimming trees, lighting candles, and making traditional foods and sweets we know and love. But, it is also a time of overindulgence. Today, with about one in three American kids and teens overweight or obese, it is more...

Lung Cancer Awareness: NJ Quitline/Great American Smokeout 2017

Lung Cancer/Nicotine Awareness: Lung Cancer New Jersey QuitLine: 866 657 8677 · Risks For Non-Smokers · Quitting Guide · Helping Someone Quit Source: New Jersey Quitline Quitting tobacco is not easy. Most ex-smokers report that it takes several tries to...

Orthopedic Surgeon: Ugg Boots May Cause Serious Harm

Source: Black Ugg boots are the cozy, beloved footwear that many women wear both in and out of their homes. You can see them on everyone from celebrities to the girl next door, and they have been praised for their comfort. But according to a story in the UK Daily Mail,...

Traffic Stop Yields 14K Bags of Heroin, 4 New Jerseyites

Source: RLS Media A traffic stop on a North Carolina highway has several New Jersey residents in custody after police recovered a large supply of illegal drugs in the vehicle they were occupying. According to a statement they released, police said on Saturday at approximately...

Featured Video: Alzheimer’s New Jersey

Alzheimer’s New Jersey ( Symptoms/Medical Info · Services Clinical Trials · Events · Donate · Helpline: (888) 280 6055 Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, changes behaviors and,...