Pregnancies in 4 N.J. counties affected by pollution, study concludes

Source: While the health dangers of coal emissions have been long documented – asthma and cardiovascular problems – they now appear to extend to pregnancy as well. Researchers at Lehigh University reached that conclusion after combining three records: The...

How To Protect An At-Risk Heart – Part 2

Source: Courier-Post Online Here are seven things to keep in mind if you have a heart condition. 1. Reduce risks – Put those cigarettes down and make other changes to reduce risk, says Rainer. “Risk factor modifications such as controlling diabetes, hypertension and...

How To Protect An At-Risk Heart

Source: Courier-Post Online Pat Bottino, 64, of Newfield, knew his mother and father both had heart disease, but never really worried about how it may affect him – especially when he was younger. But now he is living with heart disease, he has hardening of the arteries, and tries...

Reality: Weight training is a healthy exercise for women

By Ayotunde Adeyeri, M.D., FASMBS Source: GMN Health Misconceptions about weight training, often based on unproven fears of becoming “too muscular,” can prevent women from pushing their fitness levels. This is unfortunate because weight training provides several important health...

Kidney Health Awareness 2017: Heart Your Kidneys

Kidney Health Awareness: National Kidney Foundation ( Rate Your Risk Quiz · Donation/Transplant Info · Trenton Fundraising Walk May 21 The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is encouraging all Americans to Heart Your Kidneys (#heartyourkidneys) throughout...

Gambling Addiction Awareness

New Jersey Gambling Addiction? Call or visit 800 · Symptom Quiz · Gambling and Fantasy Sports · Contact March is officially National Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Throughout the next few weeks, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey...