Eat Right NJ: How To Talk To Kids About Their Weight

Source: Encourage open dialogue. Go ahead and talk with your children about weight and encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings about body image whenever they arise. When children discuss feelings about weight with you, be sure to listen and acknowledge...

Jersey City program seeks to keep kids healthy and fed this summer

Source: Former New York Yankee player Pat Kelly and Jersey City schools Superintendent Marcia Lyles were all in attendance at Lincoln Park on Friday as Jersey City announced its participation in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Free Summer Meals initiative this...

Yes, You CAN Eat Healthy at the Amusement Park

Source: Summer just isn’t quite summer without a trip to the amusement park, but you may think your family is destined for a day of high-calorie, nutritionally empty meals and snacks. Eating right at an amusement park can seem like an impossible feat, but it...

Featured Video: Summer Skin Care and Safety Awareness 2017

Summer Skin Care and Safety Awareness: Centers for Disease Control Jersey Shore Cosmetics Sunscreens · Heatstroke Info · Recreational Water Illnesses Source: South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center For the board-certified Dr. Robin Levin and her team at serving South Jersey Skin...

WeeCare Pediatrics: Free play helps children with physical, emotional and mental well being

Source: GMN News Health These days, who doesn’t have a packed schedule? Between school, work, after school activities and family obligations, we tend to all get caught up in the same everyday routine and it is affecting our children. Kids are spending more and more time inside...

Featured Video: Black Female HIV Awareness

Black Female HIV Awareness: Black AIDS Institute · AIDS New Jersey Testing Sites · Pregnant? · N.J. Dept of Health Black women remain at high risk for HIV, and represent 64% of all women living with HIV in the United States, according to the CDC. In good news, new...