Little Ferry schools close following illness outbreak

Citing a “staggering” number of student absences due to a range of illnesses, including influenza, the superintendent of Little Ferry public school district canceled classes on Friday so the buildings could be disinfected — a process that he said would continue over...

Healthy reasons for eating chocolate every day

Source: Huffington Post Those of us who love chocolate don’t really need an excuse to eat it every day ― having a bar stashed in the kitchen is reason enough. But if you’re one of those chocolate lovers who feels a little bad about your habit, we have great news for you: eating...

Battling Childhood Obesity: How?

Source: Several years ago, some New Jersey public schools sent home letters to parents whose kids were considered overweight or obese based on standard height and weight measurements. The so-called “fat letters” stirred up a debate that continues today: What’s...

Vorhees: How A Nurse Saved herself from a heart attack

Source: CourierPost Online Anne Bertino-Lapinsky had no idea she was in danger the day her body sent a warning. After a string of 12-hour work days, the 57-year-old Virtua nurse felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder one night in November as she washed the dinner dishes in her...

Pistcataway: Puppy Bowl MVP Teams Up With Family To Raise Funds For Son’s Autistic Therapy

Source: Jake the Chug, an adopted Chihuahua/Pug mix from Fair Lawn and Puppy Bowl VI Most Valuable Puppy, has lent his name and image to an art blanket project to help raise funds for an intensive autism program for 13-year-old Piscataway native Tyler Darlow. The...

N.J. First State to distribute ‘Baby Boxes’ to prevent newborn deaths

Source: Healthfit In 2014, 57 babies died in in their sleep, according to state data. Nearly all of these young lives could have been saved had the baby been sleeping properly – alone in a crib, on his or her back, without blankets, bumpers or fluffy toys, experts...