Featured Video: Rise in 8.75-pound Plus Birthweight Babies Concerns Doctors

Sources: CNN, A newborn in Texas has tipped the scales at just over 16 pounds at birth. But is giving birth to such a burly baby healthy? While we often hear about the health risks babies face when they are born too small, large babies face health complications as...

Featured Video: Fighting “Fat Talk” With Positive Body Image Support

Source: Project Special We believe that “fat talk” is a barrier to weight management success and it’s time to ”shhhhut” it down. From “joking” about cankles to destructive self-deprecation, fat talk has become part of ordinary conversation, spoken...

Study: Expectant Fathers Should Watch What They Eat, Too

Source: Tree A study from McGill University has discovered that a father’s diet prior to conception is just as important as the mother’s when it comes to influencing their child’s health. The study examines vitamin B9, also known as folate, which comes from green leafy...

Best Freehold Chiropractor of 2013 Announced

The Freehold Award Program has chosen Freehold Chiropractor, Dr. Russell Brokstein of Hometown Family Wellness Center for the 2013 Best of Freehold award in the chiropractors category. Every year the Freehold Award Program uses various forms of information to choose the winner in...

Featured Video: A Day In the Life of A Cigarette

New Jersey Help With Nicotine Addiction: NJ Quitnet · NJ Quitline (866 657-8677) Quitting smoking isn’t supposed to be a torturous, lonely, self-improvised journey — especially not when support is as close as your keyboard. connects you to a...

Pediatricians: Avoid Raw Milk due to Infection Risks

Source: Yahoo Pregnant women, babies and kids should not drink raw or unpasteurized milk, a group of pediatricians said on Monday. Because of infection risks, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on Infectious Diseases and Committee on Nutrition also said...