Ways To Show Love To Someone With Depression — Part 1

Source: The Darling If you have a partner or are close to someone who struggles with depression, you may not always know how to show them you love them. One day they may seem fine, and the next they are sad, distant and may push you away. It is important that you know...

Affordable Healthcare Act Plugs the “5½-Year Loophole”
For Retirees

Source: Recently, there has been a dust-up surrounding a Congressional Budget Office report on the Affordable Care Act that determined 2 million fewer Americans will be working by 2017 thanks to the law, rising to 2.5 million by 2024. Some have seized on this...

Nine-month-old baby may have been cured of HIV, U.S. scientists say

Source: Reuters A 9-month-old baby who was born in California with the HIV virus that leads to AIDS may have been cured as a result of treatments that doctors began just four hours after her birth, medical researchers said on Wednesday. That child is the second case, following an...

Featured video: Youth Speaks Project

The Youth Speaks Project: A personal story about living with Type 2 Diabetes – Type 2 Diabetes Medical Information The Bigger Picture is a collaboration between Youth Speaks and the University of California San Francisco Center for Vulnerable...

Video: Debunking Affordable Healthcare Act "Horror Stories" — Part 2

Sources:, YourHHRSNews PART ONE On his show Colbert Nation, host Stephen Colbert noted that the Republicans are having a genuinely difficult time finding real “horror stories” related to President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as...

Debunking Affordable Healthcare Act “Horror Stories” — Part 1

Source: Los Angeles Times …(T)he latest horror story…(is) the tale of one Julie Boonstra of Michigan, wholesaled by the Koch-founded conservative organization Americans for Prosperity. In a political ad being run by AFP against a Democratic senate candidate in...