U.S. one of 8 Countries with Rise In Maternal Deaths, New Jersey Ranks 41st Nationally

Source: USA The United States is one of just eight countries in the world where deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth rose between 2003 and 2013, a new report says. That puts it in the company of countries such as Afghanistan, Belize and El Salvador. While U.S....

Featured Video: Poor Prenatal Diagnosis Pregnancy Termination Support

Ending A Wanted – After It took much too long to find the above video. It was easy finding memorial videos from parents who lost their children to genetic illness, either through stillbirth or during the precious few hours, days, or months...

Colon Cancer Was The Last Thing On His Mind

By Dr. McCamy Taylor Colon cancer was the last thing on his mind when he went to see his new doctor under his new insurance to talk about his stress and blood pressure and back pain. But his sister had had colon cancer in her 50s, and he was 50, and the doctor said that he really...

N.J. Hospital Association president has championed early childhood health in her role

Source: As head of the New Jersey Hospital Association, Betsy Ryan takes a modest view of her own efforts to reduce infant mortality rates, birth defects and premature births. Recently, she received the March of Dimes’ Visionary Award for the research and improvements in...

Proposed E-cigarette tax could help pay for heroin addiction treatment

Source: NJ Health. com Money generated by Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed tax on electronic cigarettes should be used to expand drug treatment services and combat the “public health crisis” of heroin and prescription drug addiction in New Jersey, the chairman of...

Report: The Affordable Healthcare Act Lowers Other Insurance Rates

Source: The Affordable Care Act isn’t just making health care more affordable. It’s actually bringing your car insurance rates down too – not to mention workers’ compensation and business liability insurance costs. According to a study by...