Separating Myth From Reality on Obamacare

Source: Wendell My heart sank when I got an email late last month from my friend Robert, who has been battling multiple sclerosis for the past decade. He wrote to tell me that he was among the many Americans who in recent weeks received letters from their insurance...

Official Report: Affordable Healthcare Act Enrollment Oct. 1 – Nov 2, 2013

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services To date, 106,185 persons have enrolled and selected a Marketplace plan—this includes those who have paid a premium and those who have not yet paid a premium. Based on available data, 846,184 completed applications were...

Internet programmers build alternative to

Source: CBS ….President Obama (has) had this to say about problems with the Obamcare website during a speech in New Orleans: “I promise you, nobody’s been more frustrated. I wanted to go in and fix it myself, but I don’t write code.” But...

Diabetes Etiquette for NON-Diabetics

Source: Blood Pressure Answered DON’T offer unsolicited advice about my eating or other aspects of diabetes: You may mean well, but giving advice about someone’s personal habits, especially when not requested, is not very nice. Besides, many of the popularly held...

Featured Video: Preferred Home Health Care And Nursing Services

Preferred Cares Home Health And Nursing Services: Providing quality home care services to many communities since 1987, Preferred Home Health Care has established itself as one of the best agencies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Based on long-standing...

Capital Health opens Alzheimer’s Treatment Center

Source: NJ Online Capital Health’s Institute for Neuroscience announced today it is opening a specialized program focusing on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, which is diagnosed in about 150,000 people in New Jersey. The Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive...