Government Shutdown Blocks Kids With Cancer From Clinical Trials

Source: ABC News. com For every week that the government shutdown continues, 10 children with cancer will not be able to begin their clinical trials, officials told John Burklow, a spokesman for the National Institutes of Health, estimated that 200 patients would...

Myths About Food Allergies – Part 1

Source: Science Based 1. Myth: Allergies are a fad, and they’re not dangerous Fact: While 50-90% of self-reported food allergies are not allergies, severe food allergies do exist. They can have a sudden onset, and be fatal in minutes. Prior reactions don’t...

Featured Video: SEIU Nurses Explain Affordable Care Act Benefits

“The healthcare law means that working families can move forward toward more affordable, secure healthcare and better health, not backward to the status quo of skyrocketing premiums, insurance denials and unchecked profits for insurance companies.” – Service...

U.S. government scales back Obamacare impact for 2014

Source: Reuters The U.S. government on Wednesday scaled back its projections for Obamacare’s impact in 2014, saying the law would generate slower healthcare spending growth and provide coverage to only half as many of America’s uninsured as anticipated last year. The...

2013 on track for highest number of U.S. measles cases in 17 years

Source: This year is on track to be the worst for measles in more than a decade, according to new numbers released Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And people who refuse to vaccinate their children are behind the increasing number of...

Home care workers to receive minimum wage and overtime protections

Source: This is one of those small policy changes that can make a big difference in the lives of millions of Americans. The Obama administration announced on Tuesday that it was extending minimum wage and overtime protections to the nation’s nearly two...