Affordable Care Act Outreach Remains Spotty in Some Parts of NJ – Part 2

Source: NJ (PART ONE) In addition to the Navigators, the federal government funded $5.18 million for the state’s 20 federally qualified health centers to assist with enrollment. Other organizations, such as hospitals, have offices where residents can receive help...

Affordable Care Act Outreach Remains Spotty in Some Parts of NJ – Part 1

Source: NJ With seven weeks to go until the March 31 deadline for state residents to buy health insurance or face federal tax penalties, gaps remain both in the outreach effort to let people know about the new federal health insurance marketplace and in the programs...

Soccer ‘headers’ and concussions: Riskier than we thought?

Source: Health Soccer players have always been assured that heading the ball — redirecting it by having it bounce off the head — is harmless when done correctly. But brain researchers say the practice needs to be studied more to determine it’s a true risk for...

Just 8 More Weeks To Sign Up for Obamacare

Source: Health With just eight weeks left for people to sign up for federally subsidized private health insurance, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is overseeing the daunting task of making up for lost time. That may be one of the reasons she...

The Congressional Budget Office Delivers Welcome News on Obamacare

Source: If Republican press releases and reports from conservative and major media outlets are any indication, the Congressional Budget Office’s findings on the Affordable Care Act are simply brutal. National Review, which probably published its report before actually...

List of Smoking-Related Illnesses Grows Significantly in U.S. Report

Source: New York Times In a broad review of scientific literature, the nation’s top doctor has concluded that cigarette smoking — long known to cause lung cancer and heart disease — also causes diabetes, colorectal and liver cancers, erectile dysfunction and ectopic pregnancy. In...