Woman From CDC’s Anti-Smoking Ads Dies: "She May Well Have Saved More Lives Than Most Doctors Do"

Source: The woman who starred in the highly-effective anti-smoking ads put out by the Centers for Disease Control died of cancer on Tuesday at 53 years old. Terrie Hall faced a long, uphill health battle from smoking. She first was diagnosed with cancer in 2000,...

Featured Video: Liberty Alzheimers Home Care New Jersey

Liberty Healthcare Services is a leader in Private Duty Nursing Home Health Services in the State of New Jersey. Liberty’s talented pool of clinicians and industry leaders have been providing hands on care for individuals in need for over 10 years offering many unique benefits...

Featured Video: Visiting Physician Services

Visiting Physician Services: Founded in 1994 by Dr. Jon Salisbury, Visiting Physician Services is one of the largest and most experienced house call practices in New Jersey. Renowned in his field, Dr. Salisbury was named the 2001 Physician of the Year by...

Since 9/11, More Than 1,000 Responders Diagnosed With Cancer

Source: Medical On the 12th anniversary of the terrorist acts committed on Sept. 11, we are once again forced to realize the magnitude of the devastation that occurred. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 1,140 first responders and...

Reeve Foundation Offers Online Resources For People and Caregivers Living With Paralysis

For the first time, individuals living with paralysis and their caregivers can access the comprehensive Paralysis Resource Guide via smartphone, Nook, iPad or Kindle. The third edition of this vital resource, compiled and distributed by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation...

Study Finds Obamacare Won’t Hike Workers’ Premiums

Source: Upcoming changes under Obamacare aren’t likely to force smaller companies to severely hike the premiums they charge their workers, according to a new study from the nonprofit research group Rand Corporation. The study’s results are in contrast to...