Featured Video: Preferred Home Health Care And Nursing Services

Preferred Cares Home Health And Nursing Services: Providing quality home care services to many communities since 1987, Preferred Home Health Care has established itself as one of the best agencies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Based on long-standing...

Capital Health opens Alzheimer’s Treatment Center

Source: NJ Online Capital Health’s Institute for Neuroscience announced today it is opening a specialized program focusing on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, which is diagnosed in about 150,000 people in New Jersey. The Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive...

Featured Video: Breast Cancer Awareness

The Real Tumors Of New Jersey: by Emily Helck Jersey City, New Jersey …Here’s the deal: In July of 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy, did chemo and radiation, and recently finished Herceptin. This...

Why I’m Glad My Affordable Care Act Insurance Premium Went Up

Source: Democratic With the Affordable Healthcare Act, my insurance premium is going up to $176.19 a month. It sucks that I have to pay that much more… No, wait — it doesn’t. It doesn’t because it went up from zero dollars a month for NO...

Should Babies Born To Prisoners Be Deprived of Mother’s Milk?

Source: The US Last July, as my parents and I sat… around a visiting room table with my incarcerated sister…a cry rang out from the table next to us. There, a bawling infant lay cradled in the arms of a visitor…(who) surreptitiously opened her shirt...

Bypass The Affordable Care Act Website Bug

Source: Deseret A Utah man said he accidentally stumbled upon a way to bypass a bug that’s been plaguing the Affordable Care Act website since it launched Oct. 1. “I actually found this bug in the software where if you log in using a special kind of Web browser in...