Study: Two Meals Better For Type 2 Diabetics

Source: New York For people with Type 2 diabetes, eating two large meals a day may be better than consuming the same number of calories in six small meals. Some diabetes experts recommend small meals as a better way to control metabolism; others believe eating three...

Featured Video: Autism Speaks New Jersey Walks May 2014

Highlights of Autism Speaks New Jersey 2014 Spring Walks Amount Raised By Southern New Jersey Walk (Mount Laurel 5/17/14): $147,417 Amount Raised by Northern New Jersey Walk (E. Rutherford 5/18/14): $323,217 Autism Speaks is proud of the signature fundraising event which brings...

A new report finds teen pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates at a historic low

Source: National Teens are getting smarter about sex. About 6 percent of female teens (ages 15 to 19) became pregnant in 2010, according to a report released Monday by the reproductive health nonprofit, the Guttmacher Institute. That’s down 15 percent from two...

Better Hearing and Speech Awareness Month: Take a free hearing test by phone

If you’re a little bit worried about your hearing – but not yet ready to see a doctor – you can take a free screening test over the phone, courtesy of the group National Hearing Test. The test typically costs $5, but it is being offered free for all of May,...

U.S. one of 8 Countries with Rise In Maternal Deaths, New Jersey Ranks 41st Nationally

Source: USA The United States is one of just eight countries in the world where deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth rose between 2003 and 2013, a new report says. That puts it in the company of countries such as Afghanistan, Belize and El Salvador. While U.S....

Featured Video: Poor Prenatal Diagnosis Pregnancy Termination Support

Ending A Wanted – After It took much too long to find the above video. It was easy finding memorial videos from parents who lost their children to genetic illness, either through stillbirth or during the precious few hours, days, or months...