Living Sick and Dying Young in Rich America

Source: The We were standing at Target in an aisle we’d never walked down before, looking at things we didn’t understand. Pill splitters, multivitamins, supplements, and the thing we were here to buy: a long blue pill box—the kind with seven little doors labeled “S M...

Sailors Suffering Thyroid Cancer, Leukemia, Brain Tumors After Participating in Fukushima Nuclear Rescue Efforts

Source: Turner Radio Network …(A)fter…the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan…assist(ed) with earthquake rescue operations off the coast of Japan in 2011…crew members…are coming down with all sorts of radiation-related illnesses… It looks as...

Pediatricians: Avoid Raw Milk due to Infection Risks

Source: Yahoo Pregnant women, babies and kids should not drink raw or unpasteurized milk, a group of pediatricians said on Monday. Because of infection risks, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on Infectious Diseases and Committee on Nutrition also said...

Ocean County Prosecutor Holds Heroin Epidemic Forum

Source: The Asbury Park Press The white paper bags lined the stage like a field of gravestones. One hundred and seven of them. They were blank but not nameless. One was for Raymond Farino, who was found dying on his dining room floor by his mother. Another was for Derek Russell,...

Study: Black Teenage Pregnancy Rates On Sharp Decline

Source: News One For Black Pregnancy rates among Black teenagers is on a steady decline, according to a recent study by the National Center For Health Statistics, which is a part of the Centers For Disease Control. Between 1990 and 2009, pregnancy rates fell by 51...

Featured Video: Winner of Affordable Healthcare Act “Young Invincibles” Contest

WINNER: Affordable Healthcare Act Healthy Young America Video Contest Back in August 2013, Young Invincibles, in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services, launched the Healthy Young America Video Contest, an effort to mobilize young people to help educate and...