Myths and Facts About Germs At School

Source: Star News Group Experts say that American children miss 22 million days of school annually due to colds, flu and other infections. “Avoiding germs at schools isn’t as simple as just washing your hands in the bathroom or sneezing into your sleeve,” says Charles Gerba,...

Survival of Salem County Hospital Depends on Disputed Trust Fund

Source: The Memorial Hospital of Salem County, which has been struggling for years, remains on life support and desperately needs an infusion of cash from a trust fund to keep its doors open, state lawmakers said. A trio of lawmakers led by State Senate President Steve...

Bed-Related Baby Deaths In Essex County Sparks Health Alert

Source: RLS Media Acting Essex County Prosecutor Robert D. Laurino announced today that they are urging parents to take proper precautions to protect children in the wake of three baby deaths over a 40-hour period last week. Authorities said the deaths await final autopsy results...

Tenafly: Dental practice sends a team on mission trip to India

Source: East Madison Dental East Madison Dental has sent a team of five dental professionals to the rural village of Khichan in Rajasthan, India to run a week-long dental mission trip. Led by East Madison Dental owner and general dentist, Dr. Narpat Jain, the group includes a...

Byram: EPA to provide clean water to affected residents near Mansfield Dump site

Source: The Environmental Protection Agency has finalized its decision to construct a water line to connect certain residents to a drinking water supply as part of the cleanup of the Mansfield Trail Dump Superfund site in Byram Township, N.J. According to its...

Take the Mental Health Awareness Stigma-Free Pledge

Source: National Alliance On Mental Illness ( Fifteen years ago, a U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health — the first and still only such report to date — identified stigma as a public health concern that leads peoples to “avoid living, socializing or...