How does your county measure up when it comes to health?

Source: NJ When it comes to health in the Garden State’s 21 counties, there’s northern New Jersey … and then there’s everywhere else. A collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute...

Pregnancies in 4 N.J. counties affected by pollution, study concludes

Source: While the health dangers of coal emissions have been long documented – asthma and cardiovascular problems – they now appear to extend to pregnancy as well. Researchers at Lehigh University reached that conclusion after combining three records: The...

Featured Video: Trisomy Awareness

Trisomy Awareness: Brandon’s MT18 · Donate Trisomy refers to three copies of a chromosome. When three copies of any one of the chromosomes are present rather than the normal two, the outcome is 47 chromosomes in the cell, instead of the usual 46. The...

Reality: Weight training is a healthy exercise for women

By Ayotunde Adeyeri, M.D., FASMBS Source: GMN Health Misconceptions about weight training, often based on unproven fears of becoming “too muscular,” can prevent women from pushing their fitness levels. This is unfortunate because weight training provides several important health...

Philadelphia teen seeks repair of disabled sister’s transportation, car dealership responds

Source: Sixteen-year-old Maiya James’ mother struggles every day to take care of her disabled sister Mariah, and to make ends meet. Mariah suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, is completely blind, and in addition, recently had her spine fused. As a...

30 pounds of deadly fentanyl seized in South Jersey

Source: A “massive” quantity of fentanyl — more than 30 pounds of one of the world’s deadliest opioids — was seized Thursday in raids by law enforcement agencies at several sites in South Jersey, authorities said Friday. Yahmire Boardley 22, of Camden, was charged on...