N.J. Medicaid Patients Now Qualify for Smoking Cessation Medications

Source: NJ Spotlight The state Department of Human Services announced yesterday that language changes in the recently adopted state budget would make it easier for Medicaid patients to obtain medications — like gums, lozenges, and skin patches — to help them quit. The revision...

Bridgewater Animal Rescuer Exposed To Rabies

Source: When Bridgewater resident Patricia Guest stumbled upon an unresponsive raccoon in her back yard, she didn’t hesitate to jump into action: “I own a pet-sitting business and I work in rescue. I’ve been around animals my whole life; it’s my...

Oakhurst: Chemical Engineer Attacks Myths Surrounding Morgellons Disease

Sources: KEYC News PART ONE Richard Kuhns of Oakhurst, New Jersey is a chemical engineer and author of How To Get Your Life Back From Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, And Other Skin Parasites. The book just went into its eighth edition, and he’s fed up with all the lies and deadly...

Morgellons Disease: Imagined or Real?

Sources: Newsweek; KEYC News;;; Imagine having recurrent physical symptoms that cause you discomfort, pain, and distress—then being told by the medical establishment that what you see and feel do not add up to a legitimate disease or syndrome....

Newark Oxygen Tank User Dies After PSEG Cuts Power; West Orange Baby Needs Cardiac and Cranial Care

Source: News 12 New Jersey A woman on oxygen died seven hours after PSE&G cut off power to her house last week. Linda Daniels, 68, had been in hospice care with congestive heart failure since mid-April. Her family said she was in good spirits but relied on an oxygen tank...

Veterans, PTSD, July 4 and Fireworks: Rely on Medical Help, Not “Courtesy”

Source: Havok Journal It’s the Fourth of July, a time for beer, barbeques, good old-fashioned Red, White and Blue, and signs reading “A combat veteran lives here. Please be courteous with fireworks.” When I first saw a “be courteous” sign a few years back, I hoped it was the kind...