Analysis of Austim-Vaccine Link Study Officially Retracted

Source: …Remember Brian Hooker’s absolutely incompetent “re-analysis” of a paper…that failed to find a correlation between age at MMR vaccination and autism? I’m not going to go through just what’s wrong with Hooker’s “statistical”...

What You’re More Likely To Catch Than Ebola

Source: Yahoo Health Since the first case cropped up in Texas, tracking Ebola has become something of an American obsession — and not a healthy one. “The idea that Ebola will take over the United States is an unfounded fear,” says Dr. Liise-Anne Pirofski, chief of...

Featured Video: Eye Health Awareness

New Jersey Macular Degeneration Foundation   · Eye Health and Safety Info Sources: Medical, Prevent According to polls, Americans dread blindness more than any other disability. And as people age, their chances for developing eye diseases increase...

A Woman’s Guide To Having Heart Attacks

Source: New York Times It’s called the “Hollywood” heart attack. You’ve seen it: the grimace of agony, clutching of chest, sudden collapse…the way heart attacks are supposed to happen…(But) mine went like this: Altogether well one moment, vaguely...

Hamilton preschooler dies of respiratory illness, district says in phone alert to parents

Source: Times of Trenton A 4-year-old student at Yardville Elementary School died Thursday of a yet-unidentified respiratory illness, according to a pre-recorded call sent to parents Friday morning from school principal Elena M. Manning. Jeff Plunkett, Hamilton Township...

To Reduce Medicare Readmissions, Healthcare Embraces Post-Acute Partnerships

Source: PR Post-acute partnerships — collaborations with home health, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and hospice— have emerged as a key strategy to reduce hospital readmissions, according to new market data from the fourth annual Reducing Hospital Readmissions survey...