Swimsuit Company Apologizes To Model for Photoshopping Her Skinnier

Source: Nation Of A model is speaking out against a company that altered a photo of her body to appear several sizes smaller, saying she was “extremely shocked” to see the photoshopped image online after agreeing to participate in a photoshoot for the swimwear brand...

Medicare Will Settle Short-Term Care Bills

Source: New York …Medicare quietly announced on Friday that it would settle hundreds of thousands of hospital appeals over bills for short-term care…The decision is an effort by the government agency to end a protracted battle with thousands of hospitals...

Why Funny People Like Robin Williams Kill Themselves

By David Wong, “Wow, how could a wacky guy like (insert famous dead comedian here) just (insert method of early self-destruction here)? He was always joking around and having a great time!” When I hear some naive soul say that, my only response is a blank...

1,300 donors join in Mega Blood Drive in Mahwah

Source: North Blood supplies typically decrease to their lowest levels during the summer, when people are on vacation. But this year, the shortage in New Jersey is more serious, with a 15 percent drop statewide from last year, said Jerry Antoine, director of donor...

Why FDA Lyme Disease Regulatory Change Should Concern Patients

Source: Lyme What’s so bad about requiring FDA approval for Lyme tests? The problem is that the FDA approved tests for Lyme disease are notoriously insensitive and have been shown to miss more than 50% of Lyme disease cases. (Here) Currently, the FDA has approved 84...

Featured Video: Immunization Awareness for Pro-Vaccine parents

Source: Ninety percent of parents vaccinate their kids, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But listen to the media and you might think otherwise. Ill-informed anti-vaxxers, including Jenny McCarthy (who has even been given her...