Health Officials Work to Calm Fears about Ebola Virus

Source: North As a deadly Ebola outbreak continues in West Africa, health officials are working to calm fears about how the virus spreads, while encouraging those with symptoms to get medical care. Typically, outbreaks of the disease have been in other parts of the...

A Cookbook to Help Food Stamp Recipients Cook Cheaply Becomes a Massive Viral Hit

Source: National Geographic/The Plate …The 40 million people in families that receive food stamps—technically, the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — get an average $133 per month for food. That’s about $4 per day, for three meals, for a family,...

Obamacare Website Traffic Is Surprising Experts (and Frustrating Obama Opponents)

Source: Huffington Post/Pro Publica It turned out that more than 5 million people signed up using by April 19, the end of the open-enrollment period. But perhaps more surprising is that, according to federal data released Wednesday to ProPublica, there have been...

Cancers Related to 9/11 Rescue and Cleanup May Claim 3000 Additional Lives

Sources: We Party, Victims Compensation The official number of deaths resulting from the infamous 9/11/2001 attacks stands at 2,996. But by the middle of this century, that number could as much as double. That’s because more than 2,500 of the workers who...

HIV diagnosis rate fell by third in US over decade

Source: The rate of HIV infections diagnosed in the United States each year fell by one-third over the past decade, a government study finds. Experts celebrated it as hopeful news that the AIDS epidemic may be slowing in the U.S. The reasons for the drop aren’t clear....

Ocean Medical Center in Brick helps patients understand their medicine

Source: Asbury Park Press Those pages of medical warnings in tiny type that came with your medication and you tossed in the trash? You can leave it in the garbage. Pharmacies are starting to tap into new technology to better help their patients understand their medicine. Since...