Study: Concussion damage ‘lasts months’

Concussion has become highly controversial in sport, with concerns raised that players are putting their brain at risk. Researchers at the University of New Mexico said athletes may be being returned to action too quickly, while UK doctors said the attitude to head injury was...

Birth control for free with Obamacare? Most women didn’t know

A majority of women are unaware that birth control is available for free from health insurance plans under Obamacare—even as the Supreme Court is likely to soon consider legal fights over that law. And while lack of awareness about the so-called “contraception...

Public Agrees on Obesity’s Impact, Not Government’s Role

Source: People Most Americans (69%) see obesity as a very serious public health problem, substantially more than the percentages viewing alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking and AIDS in the same terms. In addition, a broad majority believes that obesity is not just a...

CDC Report: E-cigarettes, hookahs popular among middle and high-schoolers

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Online A report released by the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that more middle- and high-school students are embracing the emerging alternatives to smoking tobacco-based cigarettes. According to t...

Separating Myth From Reality on Obamacare

Source: Wendell My heart sank when I got an email late last month from my friend Robert, who has been battling multiple sclerosis for the past decade. He wrote to tell me that he was among the many Americans who in recent weeks received letters from their insurance...

Official Report: Affordable Healthcare Act Enrollment Oct. 1 – Nov 2, 2013

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services To date, 106,185 persons have enrolled and selected a Marketplace plan—this includes those who have paid a premium and those who have not yet paid a premium. Based on available data, 846,184 completed applications were...