Affordable Healthcare Act Fixes Mental Help Gap

Source: Former first lady Rosalynn Carter found herself shaking with excitement when she recently heard from Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that the administration had issued a milestone mental health insurance rule, correcting “one of the...

Featured Video: A Newark Doctor Returns Home

Sampson Davis: Emergency Room Doctor, Newark NJ Author, Living and Dying in Brick City Sampson Davis is best known as one of three friends from inner-city Newark who made a pact in high school to become doctors. Their book The Pact and their work through the Three Doctors...

The Huge Obamacare Story You Aren’t Reading

Source: New Republic Today it’s a few hundred thousand people. By next year, it will be at least a few million. Their health insurance status is changing dramatically: What they have in 2014 and beyond will look nothing like what they had in 2013 and before. For many of these...

What I’ve Learned In Forty Years As a Pediatrician

Source: Los Angeles In more than 40 years as a pediatrician, I’ve worked in the military, in a small private practice and in a large multi-specialty group. And I’ve seen huge changes…Many of the changes have been just short of miraculous.. In my early...

Is Fresh Food Really Healthier Than Frozen?

Source: “Fresh good. Packaged bad.” The clean-eating mantra makes perfect sense, but it turns out your supermarket’s produce section never got the memo. In two recent studies from Britain, researchers purchased a half dozen different kinds of fruit...

Rediscover the Pleasure of Buying, Cooking and Eating Real Food

Source: Alternet Junk food may have captured the American palate, but a few simple ingredients and techniques can win it back. Breaking bread with others is part of what it means to be human, and the act is wrapped up in emotional well-being, especially love. Some of my most...