List of Smoking-Related Illnesses Grows Significantly in U.S. Report

Source: New York Times In a broad review of scientific literature, the nation’s top doctor has concluded that cigarette smoking — long known to cause lung cancer and heart disease — also causes diabetes, colorectal and liver cancers, erectile dysfunction and ectopic pregnancy. In...

My Anorexic 9-year-old

Source: My 9-year-old daughter was starving herself to death. And somehow, God forgive me, I didn’t notice until it was almost too late. We were busy running from soccer to swim lessons to play dates. But that’s no excuse. The mere idea of a fourth-grader becoming...

Controversial alternative health provider charged

Source: A man accused of going beyond advocating dietary changes and using intravenous treatments on “patients” he housed at his avocado ranch in Valley Center pleaded not guilty Friday to 18 felony charges, including practicing medicine without a license and...

From ‘I don’t want any part of Obamacare’ to ‘It’s a godsend’

Source: Daily Kos Last year, TIME published a massive special report, Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us, detailing just about everything that is wrong with the nation’s health care system. Central to that story were Stephanie and Sean Ricci, an Ohio couple with...

Hospital admissions related to chemical spill in West Virginia doubled even after water declared safe

Source: RT Despite recent declarations that the water in West Virginia is now safe to use, hospital admissions related to the Kanawha Valley chemical spill have doubled over the last week. About a week and a half ago, a chemical mixture used to wash coal – called “Crude...

Potato farmers tell pregnant women to load up on potatoes. Congress agrees

Source: Daily Kos Nutrition assistance benefits for low-income pregnant women and nursing mothers can only be spent on certain, particularly nutritious foods. But the House is stepping in to urge that one specific food be added to that list over the protests of scientists: white...