Christie signs bill requiring hospitals to teach family how to care for discharged patients

Source: New Jersey today became the second state in the country to pass a law that will require hospitals to provide caregivers instructions and training on how to carry out their responsibilities when loved ones are discharged home. The legislation was drafted at the...

Wanted: North Jersey Volunteers To Help Raise Funds For Children With Disabilities

This holiday season, volunteers are needed at four Barnes and Noble bookstores in northern New Jersey that have offered their locations for Wrapping For Inclusion: Shoppers can have their purchases gift-wrapped by the volunteers in exchange for a donation to the National...

Federal agents launch surprise drug inspections of NFL teams

Source: Washington Federal agents conducted surprise inspections of National Football League team medical staffs (yesterday)…which entailed bag searches and questioning of team doctors by Drug Enforcement Administration agents in cooperation with the Transportation...

Doctors Express Urgent Care: Dealing With Fall Allergies

Source: GMN News Health For a large number of people, fall doesn’t just mean crisp nights and beautiful colors — it means another allergy season. With up to 30 percent of Americans suffering from hay fever or allergic rhinitis, fall is often full of sneezing, itchy eyes and trips...

New noninvasive colon cancer test hits market

Source: North A new non-invasive test that uses a stool sample to search for evidence of colon cancer might prove to be a viable alternative for those hesitant to get a colonoscopy. The test, called Cologuard, is sold by Exact Sciences Corp. of Madison, Wis., and...

GOP victory may not bring repeal of Obamacare: N.J. Delegation

Source: As a political lightning rod, President Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act took more than a few strikes in Tuesday’s election. But the act likely will remain the law of the land, despite the Republican Party’s electoral success Tuesday, when the GOP strengthened...