Featured Video: Autism Speaks New Jersey Walks May 2014

Highlights of Autism Speaks New Jersey 2014 Spring Walks Amount Raised By Southern New Jersey Walk (Mount Laurel 5/17/14): $147,417 Amount Raised by Northern New Jersey Walk (E. Rutherford 5/18/14): $323,217 Autism Speaks is proud of the signature fundraising event which brings...

Alternative to Pap Test Is Approved by F.D.A.

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved the first alternative to the long-used Pap test as a primary screening method for cervical cancer, in the face of opposition from some women’s groups and health organizations. The new test, developed by Roche, detects the DNA...

Puppy Love: Study Tests Power of Dogs Against Cancer

Source: NBC News New …(T)he American Humane Association is launching what advocates say is the first clinical trial of the effects of what’s known as animal-assisted therapy, or AAT, on young cancer patients and their families. The goal is to gather the first-ever...

Medical marijuana seen to have dramatic effect on symptom relief

Source: Before buying cannabis at South Jersey’s only medical-marijuana dispensary, patients must circle one of six animated faces that stare out from a clipboard. The row of smiling, wincing, frowning, and sobbing cartoon faces is being used to rank the degree...

Featured Video: Dr. Stephen G. Silver, Orthopedic Medicine

Stephen G. Silver, MD – Hackensack, NJ 360 Essex Street Suite 303   (551) 996-8830 Stephen G. Silver, MD is a skilled, board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, shoulder, elbow and knee injuries. He gives his patients...

New Jersey Reproductive Services Counselor Confronts Abortion Stigma

Source: Think A women’s reproductive services counselor in New Jersey knew that she wanted to use her own abortion story to help other women making their own decisions about whether to end a pregnancy. At first, she thought she would write a blog post about her...