What NOT To Say To Someone Who Is Depressed

Source: People who are depressed have a lot on their mind and with that a lot of questions they try to answer themselves: “What happened, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do anything right? Wouldn’t people be better off if I was dead?” But to make...

First hearing on legalizing marijuana in New Jersey held

Source: Hudson Reporter Proponents and opponents came together in Jersey City for the first of a planned series of hearings across the state to discuss the possible legalization of marijuana in New Jersey. Led by State Sen. Ronald Rice, chair of the N.J. Legislative Black Caucus,...

Margate firefighter pleads guilty to $7 million role in health benefits scheme

Source: Firefighter Michael Sher pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to a $7 million role in an unraveling state health benefits scheme that has snared 16 people and, according to prosecutors, involved many more Shore-area firefighters, teachers, and public...

Featured Video: Trisomy Awareness

Trisomy Awareness: Support Organization For Trisomy ( · Trisomy 13 Life · Donate Sources:; Trisomy is a genetic disorder caused by three copies of a chromosome instead of the usual two. After Trisomy 21, commonly...

Rutgers Gun Violence Public Health Seminar; Alzheimer’s NJ 2018 Fundraiser Walks

Source: Rutgers School Of Public Health Source: (Click picture for more info)

People are dying after procedures in NJ “same day” surgery centers — Part 2

Source: North Part 1 Fifty-two people died at New Jersey “same day” surgery centers between September 2008 and January 2017, according to an open-records request. More than 1,200 “events” — a neutral term that refers to death, falling into a coma during or...