Is Fresh Food Really Healthier Than Frozen?

Source: “Fresh good. Packaged bad.” The clean-eating mantra makes perfect sense, but it turns out your supermarket’s produce section never got the memo. In two recent studies from Britain, researchers purchased a half dozen different kinds of fruit...

Rediscover the Pleasure of Buying, Cooking and Eating Real Food

Source: Alternet Junk food may have captured the American palate, but a few simple ingredients and techniques can win it back. Breaking bread with others is part of what it means to be human, and the act is wrapped up in emotional well-being, especially love. Some of my most...

Former U.S. Vice President Goes Vegan

Source: Washington Post Maybe it was something about what they served in the White House mess in the 1990s. Or perhaps it’s what happens to baby boomer Democrats more than a decade after leaving office. For whatever the reason former vice president Al Gore has gone vegan,...

Featured Video: Why Water Should Be Your Main Beverage

Sources:, Of all of the beverages sold in all of the grocery stores, coffee shops and restaurants on the planet, there is only one that your body actually needs: water. The others, for the most part, are simply unnecessary – and expensive...

Study: Gold Star nutrition ratings appear to work

Source: Post A nutritional rating system using gold stars affixed to price labels on grocery store shelves appears to have shifted buying habits, potentially providing another tool to educate consumers on how to eat healthier, according to a new study. “Our...

Myths About Food Allergies — Part 2

Source: Science Based PART ONE 7. Myth: My naturopath/chiropractor/acupuncturist/homeopath diagnosed my allergy: Fact: Naturopaths and other alternative medicine providers do not diagnose allergies in evidence-based ways. Yet many offer purported different...