Eating right doesn’t have to be complicated

Source: Academy For Nutrition And Dietetics Eating right in’t complicated — simply begin to shift to healthier food and beverage choices. These recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans can help get you started. Emphasize fruit, vegetables, whole grains and...

Gameday Nutrition Tips for Young Athletes

If you’re a high school athlete, you’ve probably gone to practice or a game with a rumbling, empty stomach. You might not realize this, but eating right on gameday is your secret weapon for top-notch performance, whatever your sport. While training and skill are...

What you need to know about (cow’s) milk

Source: Equinox Fitness Once a refrigerator staple, milk sits squarely in the middle of opposing camps: For some, it’s verboten, while others (endurance athletes, for the most part) champion milk as an essential part of their recovery. Even more recently, legions of health...

Health Benefits Of Cast Iron Cookware

Source:; YourHRRS News Cast iron cookware has been around since you were a child — you may remember those heavy black pots and skillets in your grandmother’s house. Well, as it turns out, this old-school skillet is actually a great tool for health. The...

Health Benefits of Collard Greens

Source: Unlike broccoli and kale and cabbage, you won’t find many research studies devoted to the specific health benefits of collard greens. Based on a very small number of studies looking specifically at collard greens, and a larger number of studies looking at...

Sussex County YMCA Promotes Better Nutrition

Source: Advertiser News South The Sussex County YMCA has launched initiatives promoting better nutrition and exercise using a grant from Atlantic Health System to teach children to grow vegetables and to inspire shoppers to increase their daily steps. In the spring, students in...