Cervical Cancer Prevention Awareness: New Pap Test Schedules

American Sexual Health Organization ( New Pap Test Guidelines · Condom Use Awareness More Info Pap smears involve taking a sample of cells from the inner and outer portions of the cervix. More recently we’ve referred to the Pap test: instead of being...

Toxic Hackensack River Requires Swift Action, Congressmen Say

Source: Hackensack Daily Voice Two North Jersey congressmen are hoping the federal government will take quick action in determining if the Hackensack River should be declared a Superfund site. Following reports of elevated pollution levels in the Hackensack River from recent...

Health Department Distributes Potassium Iodide Pills Around Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant

Source: NJTV Online “I just heard about it and I would like to get more information about it,” said Phyllis Toledo. a Waretown resident. That seemed to be the general consensus after speaking with dozens of people living, working and shopping in the Lacey Township area. The Ocean...

Healthy Spine, Healthy Body — part 2

Click here for part one Source: GNN News HealthThe Importance of Posture At the top of the spine rests a 10-pound “bowling ball,” otherwise known as the head. Proper posture helps us balance that weight without putting too much stress on the neck muscles. (If you’ve ever had a...

Healthy spine, healthy body

Source: GNN News Health The spine is like the Interstate 95 of our bodies. All of our sensations, motor skills and coordination travel through nerves in the spinal column. When those nerve connections are disrupted by injuries or wear and tear to the spine, it can cascade into a...

Old Bridge: Wounded Veterans Swap Wheelchairs For Hockey Sleds

Source: CBS News New York City Veterans traveled from the Bronx VA to Old Bridge, New Jersey on Wednesday, trading in their wheelchairs for hockey sleds. It was something they thought they could never do. “Hockey, you know, for somebody who’s in a wheelchair, hockey is kind of...