Featured Video: Mario Carpino’s 7th Annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand Childhood Cancer Benefit

Mario Carpino’s 7th Annual Alex’s Lemonade Childhood Cancer Benefit ยท Donate The mission of Alex’s Lemonade Stand is to raise money and awareness of childhood cancer causes, primarily for research into new treatments and cures, and to encourage and...

Featured Video: Eye Health Awareness

Eye Health Awareness: National Eye Institute · Prevent Eye Health Tips · New Jersey Eye Doctors The National Eye Institute ( and remind you to make your eye health a priority. You may be busy, being on the go or caring...

Tabernacle: Students go to ‘beautiful lengths’ for hairless cancer patients

Source: Burlington County Times When Kayla Dauria decided to donate her hair to benefit cancer patients, she knew there had to be more students at Seneca High School wanting to make the cut. And why not bring the haircuts to them? She teamed up with her friend Katelyn Dever, who...

Why Chocolate May Be Good for the Heart

Source: New York Times Eating chocolate has been tied to a reduced risk of heart disease. Now scientists have uncovered one possible reason. Using data from a large Danish health study, researchers have found an association between chocolate consumption and a lowered risk for...

How to Help If Your Kid Stutters

Source: NJ, As many as five percent of school-age children stutter at some point, says Jane Fraser, president of The Stuttering Foundation of America. Three-quarters of affected kids recover by late childhood, leaving about one percent with a...

Philly teen seeks repair of disabled sister’s transportation, car dealership responds

Source: Sixteen-year-old Maiya James’ mother struggles every day to take care of her disabled sister Mariah, and to make ends meet. Mariah suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, is completely blind, and in addition, recently had her spine fused. As a...