Defunding Planned Parenthood would curtail N.J. care – Part 2

Source: North Now with Mike Pence as vice president and Republicans in control of Congress, the possibility of cutting federal funds to Planned Parenthood may be within reach, anti-abortion activists say. Pence and Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to the president, both...

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: Medical Info · Wear Blue Photo Contest · Donate by Congressman Leonard Lance Colon cancer. This is not a topic family and friends enthusiastically put at the top of their lists of things to discuss, and getting screened for colon...

Cervical Cancer Prevention Awareness: New Pap Test Schedules

American Sexual Health Organization ( New Pap Test Guidelines · Condom Use Awareness More Info Pap smears involve taking a sample of cells from the inner and outer portions of the cervix. More recently we’ve referred to the Pap test: instead of being...

Toxic Hackensack River Requires Swift Action, Congressmen Say

Source: Hackensack Daily Voice Two North Jersey congressmen are hoping the federal government will take quick action in determining if the Hackensack River should be declared a Superfund site. Following reports of elevated pollution levels in the Hackensack River from recent...

Health Department Distributes Potassium Iodide Pills Around Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant

Source: NJTV Online “I just heard about it and I would like to get more information about it,” said Phyllis Toledo. a Waretown resident. That seemed to be the general consensus after speaking with dozens of people living, working and shopping in the Lacey Township area. The Ocean...

Healthy Spine, Healthy Body — part 2

Click here for part one Source: GNN News HealthThe Importance of Posture At the top of the spine rests a 10-pound “bowling ball,” otherwise known as the head. Proper posture helps us balance that weight without putting too much stress on the neck muscles. (If you’ve ever had a...