How Will Sale of Saint Michael’s Transform Healthcare in Newark?

Source: NJ Spotlight Gov. Chris Christie’s administration has put off for nearly three years deciding what it should do about the future of healthcare in Newark. But the scheduled sale of the bankrupt Saint Michael’s Medical Center, one of five Newark hospitals, should force a...

Raritan Bay Medical Center: Remember That Your Feet Helped Get You To Where You Are

Source: GMN Health Most people put up with painful feet because because they have heard that treatment, especially surgery, is often complicated and painful. However, this is no longer true since new treatment approaches and surgical techniques allow for fewer complications, less...

2014 in Review: The Year’s “Jersey-est” HHRS Stories (Part 2)

CLICK HERE FOR PART ONE Sandy’s Not Over Yet. A study indicates that two years later, a sizable number of New Jerseyans are still caught in the tailwinds of Superstorm Sandy, with some demonstrating systems of post traumatic stress disorder. Those who have been able to...

2014 in Review: The Year’s “Jersey-est” HHRS Stories (Part 1)

‘Tis the season for counting your blessings — and we most certainly do feel blessed by the support YourHHRS News has received in its first year. But perhaps we should say “your first year,” since it was YOUR news, views and information about New...

Video: Dancing New Jersey EMT Video Goes Viral

Source: New Jersey (Emergency medical technician) Jonathan Williams has a very important job. Is it right for him to release some stress at an appropriate moment? A video of Williams driving, dancing, and talking on a handset at the same time was filmed last week and...

Video: Government Warns That Toxic Jerky Treats are Killing Dogs

Source: Huffington Be careful what you feed your dog. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently issued another warning about toxic jerky treats, and it seems the poisonous pet snacks are still a problem. As of May 1, more than 1,000 dogs have died as a result of the...