Featured Video: Autism Speaks New Jersey Walks May 2014

Highlights of Autism Speaks New Jersey 2014 Spring Walks Amount Raised By Southern New Jersey Walk (Mount Laurel 5/17/14): $147,417 Amount Raised by Northern New Jersey Walk (E. Rutherford 5/18/14): $323,217 Autism Speaks is proud of the signature fundraising event which brings...

Featured Video: Dr. Stephen G. Silver, Orthopedic Medicine

Stephen G. Silver, MD – Hackensack, NJ 360 Essex Street Suite 303   (551) 996-8830 Stephen G. Silver, MD is a skilled, board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, shoulder, elbow and knee injuries. He gives his patients...

Featured Video: Poor Prenatal Diagnosis Pregnancy Termination Support

Ending A Wanted – After It took much too long to find the above video. It was easy finding memorial videos from parents who lost their children to genetic illness, either through stillbirth or during the precious few hours, days, or months...

Featured Video: Severe Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness: Severe Autism, Seizures and Self-Injurious Behavior By: Kim Oakley Autism is Complex disorder that can be easily misdiagnosed by well-meaning professionals. What is behind surge in autism epidemic/explosion? According to Associated Content, “Detroit...

Featured Video: Autism Awareness – Austism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Awareness Month: Autism Spectrum Disorder Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds (BFBM) creates mobile applications, software and videos for the developing child using mobile technology and the internet to help children understand the world around them and...

Featured Video: Affordable Healthcare Act Deadline Extended to April 15th, 2014

** NOTICE OF SPECIAL ENROLLMENT PERIOD THROUGH APRIL 15 ** Visit: · · or call: 1 800 318 2596 HHS is offering a special enrollment period through April 15 for individuals who made a good faith effort to enroll before the March 31...