Featured Video: Visiting Physician Services

Visiting Physician Services: Founded in 1994 by Dr. Jon Salisbury, Visiting Physician Services is one of the largest and most experienced house call practices in New Jersey. Renowned in his field, Dr. Salisbury was named the 2001 Physician of the Year by...

Reeve Foundation Offers Online Resources For People and Caregivers Living With Paralysis

For the first time, individuals living with paralysis and their caregivers can access the comprehensive Paralysis Resource Guide via smartphone, Nook, iPad or Kindle. The third edition of this vital resource, compiled and distributed by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation...

Featured Video: Dr. Milton "Doc In A Car" Mintz Did you know that Morris Country New Jersey has nearly ten THOUSAND residents who are over the age of 86? Dr. Milton “Mickey” Mintz of Dover sure does: he came out of retirement to specialize in treating them by making house calls. He says, “We in medicine...