$10K Deductible Needs To Be Paid To Receive Life-Saving Surgery – Part 2


Source: Lauren Soto (Facebook)

Lauren Soto is feeling blessed.blessed

Oh My God I am so sorry everyone — these last few days have gotten away from me. I never gave the update to all my family, friends, supporters etc.

My surgeon Dr. Frank Borao and Monmouth Medical Center are FANTASTIC!!! The surgeon said he repaired or removed 5 hernias — one was almost the size of a football which is the one flattening my lungs into a pancake.

He was extremely thankful that the pouch stomach was not fused to the heart by the mesh as the X-rays showed. He said he did remove some part of the stomach. He then was able to rearrange my stomach and other parts and put them where they are supposed to be.

I can’t tell you how much better I am able to breathe!! I came home Saturday afternoon and was totally out of it, Sunday I just slept all day! I apologize for not making the post sooner!

Today was the first day I was able to shower where it usually takes about 40 minutes because I could never breathe — then I run for my nebulizer after the shower. Today when I showered it was only a 10 minute shower, I was in and out and did NOT need the nebulizer at all I have not used it since the day of the surgery.

If only the insurance company had listened to me two years ago and sent me to Doctor Borao even though he was out of network. The last two years would have been so much easier on me to breathe and enjoy with the family!

Thank you again everyone! ♥️


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