#AfterMyShot: Actor Anthony Anderson and Advil Team Up for Post-Covid Vaccine Initiative


Source: South Jersey Local News.com

GSK Consumer Healthcare has announced that Advil, a leading over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever worldwide, is teaming up with Emmy-nominated star and producer, Anthony Anderson, for the launch of #AfterMyShot, a new campaign that aims to help people feel prepared to manage post-COVID-19 vaccine side effects as they occur, so they can start to look forward to life after the shot.

When actor, comedian, and diabetic Anthony Anderson experienced side effects after his vaccine earlier this spring, he knew he could trust Advil to help manage his symptoms. “After my shot, I consulted with my doctor and I was prepared with Advil, so when I noticed side effects like soreness in my arm, I took it to help relieve symptoms and felt much better,” Anthony said.

“Before the vaccine I felt at risk, now that I’m fully vaccinated and it’s been over two weeks since my last shot, I feel much safer. I’m looking forward to getting back to doing some of the things I love, like playing golf, spending quality time with friends and family and going out to dinner again.”

By video, Anderson will share his experiences, including how he relied on Advil, and the #AfterMyShot moments he’s looking forward to most. Advil is also teaming up with others to share their #AfterMyShot aspirations and is encouraging others to share the activities they are most excited to do after getting vaccinated.

Anderson’s videos and a collection of #AfterMyShot moments from others will be housed on AfterMyShot.com as a celebration of stories of life after the vaccine. Visit the site to see the #AfterMyShot moments and to learn how Advil can help you manage post-vaccination side effects; and you can share your vaccine story on social media using #AfterMyShot.

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