Alzheimer’s New Jersey Benefit Video Earns Emmy Nomination


Source: Alzheimer’s New Jersey

Alzheimer’s disease is a New Jersey crisis. 68% of New Jersey residents now say they know someone who has or had Alzheimer’s — over 600,000 New Jersey residents are impacted by this devastating disease. Over the weekend of June 26th, in partnership with Hip New Jersey televison channel News 12+ gave a voice to #The68Percent!

Over the weekend of June 26th, in partnership with Hip New Jersey, We Take Care of Our Own was televised as a benefit on the News 12+ channel due to the COVID-19 health crisis to as a replacement our cancelled in-person events. We Take Care of Our Own honors the strength of New Jersey residents living with Alzheimer’s disease, raised awareness about the work of Alzheimer’s New Jersey to fight Alzheimer’s in our state and inspires hope for a better future.

And we are proud to announce that We Take Care of Our Own, has been nominated for a New York Market Emmy Award in the “Community Service” category!

We couldn’t gather together to honor all those who work so diligently on behalf of New Jersey’s caregivers and families, or learn from those directly impacted by Alzheimer’s disease in our community. However, that didn’t stop us from wanting to share their stories and give them the spotlight they deserve for all they do, every day.

You can watch “We Take Care of Our Own” by clicking the video above. If you to want to share your personal story of being impacted by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, we invite you to do so here.

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