Asbury Park Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Source: Jennifer Smith Mullen

I want you to know about an event my friends are throwing for me. I’m amazed and humbled that they’re doing this, I can’t even begin to tell you. It’ll be a month after surgery (alas, my original idea for a goodbye party for my titties prior to going under the knife was just too short notice): it’s going to be at the Bond Street Basement in Asbury Park.

I hope you come out and partake in good music and beverages. It’ll help raise some money for my medical costs, but also really soothe Ed’s and my tired souls with a party. Our life has been so friggin’ serious lately and we got some steam ta blow off.

It’s still being planned but there’s a Facebook page you can refer to for details. I think bands will be added – including my nephew David’s band Smell the Butane. Details are still being planned but the general idea is to take the piss out of this shit with a fun evening while supporting my family.

And since I’m sharing, I’ll let you know that the New York Times has dedicated an episode to exactly what I’m dealing with right now. So if anyone is still a little unclear about how a person could have insurance and still not have enough money to cover their share of the costs, you can find a story here that details how it impacted one family.

But honestly, I have a feeling that most people know exactly what the deal is, because this situation is all too common.

Anyway, thank you for reading. And thank you so much for any donation and/or share on social media. We’re at a disadvantage for spreading the word, so if you don’t plan to donate, sharing is another way to help us out.

Like so many others across the country right now, Jennifer Smith Mullen has insurance but her share of the expenses is beyond her reach. Her husband and the rest of her family are working to find resources for her – but also like so many others, the expenses aren’t limited to the initial medical care. Her job offers no benefits, so her time off will be largely unpaid. (The state of NJ does offer some options, but those will be very limited).

Beyond this, the ripple effect on her ability to work, the expected hit to her financial security, her energy level during and after treatment, her studies (remaining a student is important to her) – these are all things we can expect to be drawn out for years. By helping to defray some of her costs, we hope Jennifer will get back to living her life, adjusting to her “new normal,” as they say, and get on with the business of healing.

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