Featured Video: Autism Speaks New Jersey Walks May 2014


Highlights of Autism Speaks New Jersey 2014 Spring Walks

Amount Raised By Southern New Jersey Walk (Mount Laurel 5/17/14): $147,417
Amount Raised by Northern New Jersey Walk (E. Rutherford 5/18/14): $323,217

Autism Speaks is proud of the signature fundraising event which brings together hundreds of thousands of participants annually across the United States and Canada with a common goal of supporting its programs.

Powered by volunteers and families with loved ones on the autism spectrum, this successful grassroots fundraising effort not only generates vital funds for autism research but also raises awareness about the increasing prevalence of autism and the need for increased research funding to combat this complex disorder.

To make additional donations and get information on other events, visit Autism Speaks New Jersey.org.


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