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The concept of autism awareness has evolved as we continue to promote greater understanding of autism in our communities. The landscape was quite different when we started our ambassador program more than two decades ago.

Our goal through raising awareness continues to be to create communities the embrace and accept people with autism.

We know that autism is a spectrum and we recognize that within our own community there are passionate opinions that sometimes may seem at odds.

April has long been designated as “Autism Awareness Month” worldwide and nationally. We are beginning to see it referred to as “Autism Month” or “Autism Acceptance” Month, a move designed to push the general public past awareness and towards meaningful change.

At Autism New Jersey, we use both “awareness” and “acceptance” in our messaging, depending on the audience. Rather than see the word “awareness” as taboo, we see it as an important steppingstone to making a difference.

For those in the trenches, living with autism every day, we see a growing fatigue as April approaches every year. We understand the retort, “Uh, we’re aware. Very aware.” We’re sensitive to how a more basic message may oversimplify what individuals with autism and families experience every day.
Every story that is shared adds to a greater understanding.

We know awareness is a year-round endeavor to help the general public and policy makers understand the complex and pressing needs of the full spectrum of the autism community, especially the most vulnerable and underserved.

We thank all our ambassadors for their part in helping us achieve these goals. We reassure our stakeholders and friends that our efforts will continue long after April is over.

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