Bridgewater Company Creates Innovative Mental Health Care App

Source: NJ

The COVID-19 pandemic caused workers, businesses and consumers to change many of their everyday activities. Many companies added or increased door-to-door deliveries and enabled customers to pick up their purchases curbside while employees kept connected with the office and other colleagues through video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet.

A new app is using the same approach to help people with their mental health. More specifically, it’s bringing the help to them. It’s called Zant., coming from the word cognizant. Maggie Rose Macar, who grew up in Hunterdon County, is the CEO of the Bridgewater-based company.

Zant. was born six years after Macar lost a close friend to suicide. When she finally found a mental health provider, she was shocked at the cost.

“There are wonderful services that exist, but many have their own different barriers and roadblocks,” Macar says. “We want to make it very simple to find specialty care for what you’re struggling with and actually be able to eliminate those roadblocks to find affordable and accessible care.”

After signing up for the app, a user will be able to search vetted providers in 25 different areas and then book a virtual appointment with a specialist. Karmyn Hansen, who lives in Nevada, is one of those providers. She says it’s important for mental health resources to be available and accessible.

“Where I’m from, big city shopping was six hours away. If you needed mental health help, you were not going to get it, because the closest thing was a registered nurse,” Hansen says. “Many communities don’t have the necessary help in the area.”

Macar says that after booking an appointment, a zant. user reached out to say that just seeing the session booked was a source of hope and it was something they could look forward to.

She adds that she’s seeing a lot of high school and college students reaching out. “They’ve identified that they’re not okay,” she said. “We’ve made ourselves user-friendly in a way that is attractive to young people.”

“As long as there are people, there are always mental health needs,” Macar says. “Our entire mission is to create affordability and accessibility.”

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