Manasquan: Annual Beatles Day Benefit For NJ State Trooper


2024 Annual Beatles Day Benefit for NJ State Trooper Sean Acker at Leggetts Sand Bar, Manasquan NJ · Sunday Feb 4 2PM · Online Donation

Sources: 101.5 New Jersey Radio; Facebook

Imagine you’re in the best shape of your life, working out daily and rising to the level of a training supervisor with the New Jersey State Police. Then after years of wear and tear you go through a routine surgery only to suffer a pulmonary embolism that leaves you blind and needing a wheelchair.

This is what happened to one of our state police heroes Sean Acker.


Sean’s wife Lisa is also a state trooper and she is balancing her important duties of protecting and defending our state with being a supportive wife, caretaker, and mom to two middle- and high school-aged children.

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