Berkley Heights Woman Needs Uninsured Eye Disease Treatment

By: Natalie Wellington

After receiving glasses for several years, what seemed like a simple fix to Astigmatism, my vision wasn’t any better. Over the past 4 years, I’ve been dealing with blurry, double vision, headaches, eye aches, serious sensitivity to light, among other uncomfortable symptoms.

After bouncing from doctor to doctor, I was sent to Corneal Specialist, who told me that it could be something called Keratoconus, a rare degenerative disease that isn’t covered by insurance, and surgery was needed as soon as possible if I didn’t want my vision to worsen anymore than it already has.

At 25 years old, the Corneal Specialist told me that without receiving this initial procedure known as Epi-On, (a non-invasive procedure that is not covered by any insurance companies) my vision would rapidly worsen.

To really improve my vision one day, I would need to have corneal implants put in both of my eyes, but this can only happen after I have the Epi-On procedure first. Without these procedures, I will continue to lose vision, most drastically in my left eye at first since it has already progressed so much.

Since my insurance won’t cover any of this procedure, I was told to “save my best eye” to continue to be able to see. If I don’t get this procedure done in both of my eyes as soon as possible, my eyes will continue to worsen until my vision is so bad that I potentially won’t be able to drive, and possibly won’t be able to see from one or both eyes one day.

Your donations will help me to get these essential surgeries done as soon as possible and help me to be able to see in the future and avoid what could be a debilitating eye disease that destroys my vision.

The only thing standing in my way as of now is having enough money to get this first treatment done, without which I cannot continue to other corrective surgeries. This is a seriously urgent situation and any donations will be more than appreciated!

Thank you for your help.

Lots of love,


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