Bethlehem PA Man Needs Help With Hospital Bills

Source: Jaime Deck

I am the wife of Don Deck, a man who is loved by everyone! I am raising money to help with the medical bills that are piling up due to his now month-long stay in the hospital. He is still there and there is no telling how much longer he will be there.

How did we get here? At the beginning of February 2023, Don was not feeling well, he was getting sicker and sicker with each day passing. By mid-February, when things kept getting worse, he went into Urgent care and they chalked it up to one of the many viruses that are going around. But after that, he was getting worse, not better.

Fast forward a few weeks, beginning of March, he told me that he had to go to the ER because something was wrong. Once in the ER, they did an x-ray and saw severe colitis. They admitted him into the hospital due to the extreme weight loss he had (over 35 lbs before going to the ER) and the colitis. He was in the hospital for 5 days, was told he had severe Ulcerative Colitis, then released him only for him to end up back in the ER two days later.

5 days later, while in the hospital, his stomach blew up like a balloon. His colon ended up rupturing and he was rushed into life-saving surgery.

He was in surgery for 8 hours. Came out okay, has a colostomy bag now and he started to trend in the right direction. At this point, he was without any food for 8 days and when they finally introduced food, he took a turn for the wors3. They put him back in the ICU which is where he is now.

He now has pneumonia and he aspirated. So, now with fluid in his lungs and pneumonia, this stoma slowed down production and they had to start giving him blood with his red blood count being so low. Every time they tackle one issue, a new one keeps popping up.

At this point, the medical bills are piling up. While we do have some kind of insurance, it is not enough to cover all of the tests and the extended stay in the hospital and we need everyone’s help. I had to quit my part-time job to be able to be with him, and we have very little income coming in at this point to be able to handle the medical bills, the household expenses, etc.

While I feel awkward asking for help this way, it is the only thing I can think to do, that is within my control to help his situation.

If you can donate anything at all, your generosity is appreciated. If you could also share this far and wide, that would be amazing as well.

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