Bloomfield Nursing Home Nurse Stricken With Cancer

Source: New Jersey Patch/GoFundMe

Marti Carlos works as a nurse at Job Haines Home sub-acute unit. He is only 32 years old (the youngest of 4 siblings) and was seemingly in perfect health before he was recently stricken with stage 4 cancer.

During the pandemic, Marti became our HERO at Job Haines Home. Working through a very toxic environment, he stayed with everyone to fight COVID-19, ensuring that every patient was well cared for during his watch. He is the type that gives hope to others whenever they are down and always encourages them to “look at the bright side”. He is truly a special man, a natural caregiver and is loved by everyone he meets! Marti’s spirit lights up a room, and he is always willing to extend his hand to others in need.

The nightmare began on 1/11/23. While at work, Marti received a call from the radiologist who performed an MRI on him and was told to go to the hospital for the result. He had been going for chiropractic treatments on his back for pain but had never shared that with anyone. Later that night he and his family learned that he has metastatic cancer of the spine.

The very next morning, he had surgery to remove the tumor on his spine and at that time, he learned that the tumor had done much damage to the spine and soon after, the news was not good – the cancer had also invaded his pelvic area and femur. Just a few days later, he learned from the histopathology report that the cancer originated in his breast, and it is stage 4. In spite of this very grim news, Marti remains positive and focused on defeating this cancer and winning the fight!

Now, he looks exhausted and drained, it’s heartbreaking to see him broken down, but he still manages to carry a smile with him. Marti never complains or shows his pain to others.

We, his fellow co-workers (and we consider ourselves his family) at Job Haines Home, recognize that his battle has only just begun. We humbly ask for your prayers for our Marti… and for your help and support to raise funds that will pull him through this devastating illness. We hope to raise enough to assist him with his medical needs, so he doesn’t have to worry about paying for ongoing treatments and procedures but is able to concentrate on getting well.

Please contribute to this worthy cause. Any amount is appreciated, no matter how small. Your donation will benefit a true frontline HERO – together, we can make a difference. Thank you in advance for your support.

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