Bryce’s Battle Against Leukemia

Source: Mitchell Norton, Old Bridge NJ

This might be one of the hardest things I ever need to write.

In early November, Bryce was running a fever that we couldn’t get rid of. We brought him to his pediatrician and they said it was a normal cold and it would run its course. The fever continued for the whole week and we brought him back to the pediatrician again exactly one week from his first visit. At this visit Bryce was diagnosed with an ear infection and was prescribed amoxicillin.

After the amoxicillin began he did lose the fever for about two days. He was acting more like himself but still more tired than usual.

On 11/21/20 as we were eating dinner, we saw a bunch of dots in the wrist area. We assumed this was some sort of reaction to the amoxicillin or maybe some type of virus. We immediately brought him to St Peters to find out that what we thought was a typical rash reaction was something much worse.

Bryce’s white blood cell count was extremely high and his platelets were low. We already knew what was coming, as we just went through this a year ago with my father in law: Bryce was diagnosed with leukemia.

I am going to be out of work as much as possible to be at the hospital with him during treatment and also going back and forth home to be with our other son Lucas as my wife and I switch off.

We are raising as much money as we can for any medical expenses that occur from this and bills that we are going to need help with while I continue to lose hours at work to be with my family. We are also looking to replace the roof on our house if possible as this is also essential to his health as it was with my father in law but we were never able to get it done.

Bryce has gone through so much already in his short few years of life, this is just another bump in the road, although it is the biggest bump we will get through this together as a family.

Anything and everything is much appreciated. No donation is too small and we appreciate everyone who donates and all who don’t donate who keep us in their spirits during this extremely difficult time.

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