New Jersey Considering Menthol Cigarette Ban; Cat-Safe Thanksgiving Food

Sources:; New Jersey could soon become the third state in the nation to ban menthol-flavored cigarettes and cigars, addictive products that public health experts say appeal to underage smokers and minority communities, as a state legislative panel approved the latest version of the proposal yesterday. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been […]

Jefferson Teacher And Author Launches Book About Eating Disorders

Source: Advertiser News South Starting in her early 20s, Alana Van Der Sluys had three undiagnosed eating disorders. She recovered from them by reading books and listening to podcasts. Although she recommends seeking medical help for an eating disorder, the books and podcasts helped her. Since then, the Jefferson NJ resident has become an English […]

Ending Daylight Savings Time Is Better For Health, Doctors Say

Source: The American Academy of Sleep Medicine published a new position paper this week concluding that seasonal time changes should be abolished in favor of standard time: The brain wakes up faster when exposed to morning light and daily processes get underway quicker. “Permanent standard time helps synchronize the body clock with the rising […]