Jersey City: After-School Recreational Programs Expanded

Source: Jersey City’s Department of Recreation is expanding its after-school programming through the end of the school year at 10 locations throughout the city. Standard recreation sports such as basketball, bowling, tennis, volleyball, golf, and swimming will be...

Legalized Marijuana As Opioid Crisis Cure; YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Source: Two large papers published in JAMA Internal Medicine point to an unlikely solution to the opioid crisis – marijuana legalization. The papers, analyzed more than five years of Medicare Part D and Medicaid prescription data. In states that legalized marijuana,...

Fairfield: Retro Fitness Owner Has a Mission to Give Back

Soruce: Retro Fitness Fairfield One fitness center in New Jersey is elevating what it means to be “fit”, and has a mission to give back to numerous non-profits while helping local residents and business owners realize their best self via a wellness program that impacts their life...

Why “That Time of The Month” is BEST for Working Out

Source: We don’t see too many people jump for joy when those first signs of menstruation appear. Dealing with the annoyances brought along by menstruation is a task in itself, but if you decide to add some level of physical activity to that task list, you may help...

Trenton: Learn To Teach Health Benefits Of Laughter

Source: Laughter Yoga With Karen On April 14 and 15, 2018, the halls of Mercer County Family Support Organization (3535 Quakerbridge Rd, Suite 400 in Trenton) will ring with laughter, as Karen Siugzda and Beverly Burns, both certified Laughter Yoga Teachers, conduct a Laughter...

Brigantine: “Pickleball” league offers physical and social benefits

Source: Shore News Brigantine Pickleball is a sort of hybrid between tennis, ping-pong and badminton that was created in a backyard near Seattle in the mid-1960s. The game now has about 150,000 players nationwide and its own governing body, the USA Pickleball Association, which...