Manchester Police Fitness Challenge Raises $6K; Bon Jovi Guitar Legend Joins Blood Drive

Source: Jersey Shore Online; The Manchester Police recently flexed their muscles by hosting the third annual Elite Law Enforcement Fitness Challenge, where police departments from all over the state compete to win the title of Fittest Police Department. Fifteen...

Hopewell Man Chosen as Ambassador for Diabetes Benefit

Source: Central Hopewell resident Sam DiGaetano was nine when he got the flu, but he didn’t expect it to evolve into a chronic illness. For unknown reasons,the flu attacked his pancreas, forcing it to stop producing insulin. Two years later, DiGaetano was diagnosed...

Randolph: Pain Relief and Wellness Center Health Hosts Community Wellness Day

Source: Dr. David Simon, co-owner of Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center, has been the driving force behind the Community Wellness Day event that has taken place at Randolph Middle School three times over the past four years. For many residents, businesses, and...

Where Heavy Metal And Yoga Meet

Source: Men’s The session starts with a blood-curdling howl: “Are you guys ready for the metal? I can’t hear you — ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR THE METAL?!?!?!” So begins a typical day at Metal Yoga Bones, a yoga class at Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint,...

Jersey City: After-School Recreational Programs Expanded

Source: Jersey City’s Department of Recreation is expanding its after-school programming through the end of the school year at 10 locations throughout the city. Standard recreation sports such as basketball, bowling, tennis, volleyball, golf, and swimming will be...

Legalized Marijuana As Opioid Crisis Cure; YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Source: Two large papers published in JAMA Internal Medicine point to an unlikely solution to the opioid crisis – marijuana legalization. The papers, analyzed more than five years of Medicare Part D and Medicaid prescription data. In states that legalized marijuana,...