Featured Video: Vitiligo Awareness

Vitilgo Awareness: · Unite For Vitiligo · Dermablend Cosmetics Vitiligo Friends Support Group · Facebook: Vitiligo Pride Imagine finding white spots on your skin that spread for no apparent reason. This change in physical appearance can be...

NJ Dept of Health Warns Of Burlington/Camden County Measles Case

Source: NJ Dept. of Health The New Jersey Department of Health is warning residents about a measles case in an individual who could have possibly exposed others to the infection while in Burlington and Camden counties. The individual developed symptoms after international travel....

NJ Perinatal Associates: How to Quit Smoking While Trying to Get Pregnant

Source: NJ Perinatial Associates The act of smoking is especially harmful for a woman who is trying to get pregnant, jeopardizing not only her health, but the prenatal risk of severely damaging her unborn child’s life. Whether you’re trying to conceive or simply know a friend or...

Pediatrician: I called Child Protective Services to Report Trump Policy Child Abuse

Source: The law mandates that when pediatricians see or hear about children being abused, they must report that abuse to authorities. I am a pediatrician. I called Child Protective Services in Washington, DC to report child abuse by Trump immigration policies. An...

The Keto Diet: Popular, But Is It Safe? — Part 2

Source: PART ONE Entering ketosis is no picnic. According to Melanie Boehmer, a registered dietitian at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, people adopting the diet develop what’s called the “keto flu” as their metabolism shifts from...

The Keto Diet: Popular, But Is It Safe?

Source: Fatty cuts of meat. Thick slabs of cheese. Stacks of bacon. These are a few of the keystones of the trendy “keto” diet, a high-fat, low-carbohydrate eating plan that’s sweeping the nation. The diet is intended to alter your...