COVID-19 Spike Prompts Sandy Hook National Park, State Hospitals To Re-Require Masks

Source: With COVID cases spiking in Monmouth County, the National Park Service is now requiring masks for all visitors. A notice on the park website states: Masks are currently required in all federal buildings in Sandy Hook. Monmouth County is at HIGH COVID-19 community level, as identified by the CDC Masks are available for […]

2023 In Review: The Year’s “Jersey-est” Your HHRS News Stories

Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin, has come out the closet about her ten-year bout with endometriosis — one of those diseases that “nice girls” don’t talk about. Next to being a drug that can immediately stop drug overdoses simply by being inhaled, what could Narcan possibly do for an encore? […]

Some Calm, Politically Neutral, Medically-Based, And Media Hype-Free Info About Fecal Incontinence

Sources:;; Fecal incontinence is a loss of bowel control that results in involuntary bowel movements (fecal elimination). Some people with fecal incontinence feel the urge to have bowel movements but are unable to wait to reach a bathroom. Other people don’t feel the sensation of a pending bowel movement, passing stool unknowingly. […]