Belleville: Residents Urged To Sign Up for Water Filters if They Receive Water from Newark

Source: RLS Media; Belleville NJ mayor Michael Melham has secured funding earmarked to purchase a limited amount of water filters for residents. While the Township is under no federal or state mandate to distribute filters, they will be provided to residents based on priority strictly out of an abundance of caution. Melham said that […]

How Gum Disease can affect your Health and entire Well-Being

Source: Gum disease, something that a large percentage of Americans suffer from, is far more dangerous that people often think. Porphyromonas (P.) gingivalis has been referred to as a “guerilla” agent, able to invade a person’s cells, and prevent immune responses. Luckily there are good ways to prevent P. gingivalis from wreaking havoc in […]

Freehold Addiction Treatment Facility Opens, Monmouth County Free Thanksgiving Meals

Sources:; NJ News Network A new treatment facility for people struggling with addiction is open on West Main Street in Freehold. Relevance Behavioral Health works in partnership with the CFC Loud N Clear Foundation, an aftercare program that helps prevent relapse after treatment. “We offer a multiple platforms approach to treating addiction,” said Jason […]

Asbury Park: Women Ready To Rock for TallieFest Hunger Benefit

Source: Tallie copyright: Eric Schiabor For 2019, the third annual Makin Waves hunger benefit is being expanded into a multi-venue event in Asbury Park from November 22 through 24, and has been re-banded as the TallieFest. What’s a tallie? It’s the Gaelic word for “princess,” and the name of the original Jersey girl: Tallie […]