Bergen County Youths Named Police Chiefs For a Day; Manalapan Girl Scouts Donate Underwear

Sources:; News Transcript Who knew you could be fired from your job, put behind bars and bossed around by children under the age of 16? Well, Giovanni Capuano, Nour Altulahi and others old did just thatafter being appointed police chief on Friday at the annual Bergen County Chief for a Day celebration. The Prosecutor’s […]

Covid NJ: Second Booster Vaccine Approved for Ages 50+; Gov. Murphy Positive but Asymptomatic

Sources: New Jersey; NJ Spotlight News Governor Phil Murphy has tested positive for COVID-19. “This afternoon, as part of a regularly-scheduled testing regime, Governor Murphy took a rapid antigen test that came back positive for COVID-19,” Communications Director Mahen Gunaratna said yesterday. He subsequently took a PCR test, which also came back positive and […]

What To Know About Alopecia

Sources:; National Alopecia Areata Foundation The violence that overshadowed the 2022 Oscar awards ceremony was sparked by a joke by comedian Chris Rock about the lack of hair of Jada Pinkett Smith. Away from the recriminations over what could be perceived as a mean-spirited jibe and a disproportionate response by Jada’s husband Will Smith, […]

April 20 Scholarship Application Deadline For Blind & Visually Impaired Students

Source: NJ Dept. Human Services The Nathan & Sally Rogoff Scholarship for Academic Excellence Amount: $1,000 Award based on (evaluative priority order): Response to essay questions, GPA, SAT score, strength of letters of recommendation, involvement in extra-curriculum activities and volunteer/community service The Caroline Rose Foster Scholarship for Independence and Self-Determination Amount: $1,000 Award based on […]